Name the Mario Enemies ! (Easy)

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Can you name the all of the Mario Enemies (Easy)?

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HintEnemyFirst Game
A fast moving enemy shot out of a cannon.
Once it is lit it will explode after a bit.
Throws fireballs
A standard swimming fish.
A small turtle that comes in two colors.
A shy ghost that when walking away chases you.
Throws Boomerangs
A guy who covers his face with a mask.
Pops out of pipes to take a bite out of you.
Cannot be killed without a star. Falls once you pass underneath it.
HintEnemyFirst Game
Throws Hammers
Recovers after a short amount of time, pile of bones.
Throws Spiny Eggs at you.
The first enemy to appear in a game, small and brown.
Pops out of the dirty ground and chases you.
A Blue or Black crawler that you can find in caves.
This fierce enemy lunges at you, but has a limited attack range.
Has multiple body segments and has anger management.
A turtle that can fly, also comes in two colors.
A squid that chases you.

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