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The largest of all sea turtles, and is the only warm-blooded species. They survived the impact of the giant asteroid that probably wiped out the dinosaurs.
____ whales have been classifed as an endangered species since 1975. Some marine biologists fear that there are not enough whales left for the species to recover and avoid extincti
A large and destructive species that invaded the Great Lakes. It can survive at great depths and tolerate extreme temperatures.
The MSY concept has not worked very well because of the difficulty in estimating the populations and growth rates of fish and ____stocks
This type of sea turtle lives along the coasts of Northern Australia and Papua, New Guinea, and are not classified as endangered because they nest in very remote places.
These highly prolific fish can quickly grow as long as 1.2 meters, weigh up to 50 kg, and they have a voracious appetite. They also have the ability to jump clear of the water.
The Columbian River's ______ population has dropped by 94% and nine of the _____ species are listed as endangered or threatened.
Sea turtles can mistake discarded plastic bags for ____ and choke to death on them.
One of the biggest threats of the Great Lakes. This parasite attaches itself to almost any kind of fish and kills the victim by sucking out its blood.
Presently, Japan hunts and kils at least 900 whales a year, including endangered minke, fin, and ___ whales for what it claims are scientific purposes.
This species of dolphin, living in parts of the Mekong River of Southeast Asia, are on the edge of extinction because of high levels of toxic chemicals such as DDT.

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