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Should Vance be doing his QU paper right now?
Does Vance also need to study for his Math exam?
If Vance could be one person who would it be?
What page is Vance on while im making this quiz?
He needs to have 8 pages with 12 sources, is he screwed?
What did Vance say he will get his parents for the holidays?
If the Super Bowl was on while he was on a cruise and his favorite team was playing, he would watch it right?
Without Easy Mac what is his favorite food?
QuestionAnswerImportant information
Who does he have respect for?
Why does he have respect?
What day of Hanukkah is it in 2 days minus 4 days times 1 day?
Why did Vance put on a hat before going to the bathroom?
What is Vance watching while doing his paper?
Do you think Vance is going to pull an all nighter or wake up early?
With both these quizzes do you feel that you are closer to Vance?
Does James have the funniest laugh ever?

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