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A panel of reputed archaeologists judge religious artifacts which originate in the United States. The public vote on which artifact will ultimately be displayed in the Smithsonian.
A bunch of strangers are stranded in Pittsburgh when their bus inexplicably breaks into pieces mid-road. They are finally rescued 3 seasons later but most of them go back anyway.
A documentary about zombies being permitted to compete in the olympics. They discover that there are only two track events in which they are competitive.
A 'real-time' thriller about the day of a banker in San Diego while America is under terrorist threat. Cancelled after one season when 9 episodes were just of a guy sleeping.
Three guys flatting together decide they also want a female flatmate. They end up with a different one every week, because none of them can bear to stick around for any longer.
Ostensibly, a show about doctors who are so self-conscious about their musical skill that they all only rehearse when alone. In reality, it's mostly women talking about sex.
The heads of seven families are locked in an age-old and bitter war - whoever sells the most toilets will reign over the kingdom.
A quirky pair of IRS workers are tasked with collecting the tax debts of people whose surname begins with X. For some reason, paranormal events keep occuring while on the job.
A pine experiences the hardships of teenage life. It doesn't even make the basketball cheerleading squad, and suffers the solitude of living alone on its knoll.
In an asylum, a number of the inpatients band together to form a highly successful advertising firm. Unfortunately, it only exists in their heads.
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Two universes are colliding, and only one will survive. The only hope for our universe is the protaginist's magnificent hairline!
Nature documentary about the life cycle of a Lightning Bug (affectionately named Serenity) living in Louisiana wetlands.
Stephen Hawking stars in this comedy about newly-formed and socially awkward stars discussing ideas about how they came to be.
Living in their plastic mansion, Barbie and Ken are frequently given new personalities and rented out for hire to undertake dangerous missions.
Celebrities are hypnotised into a state of amnesia, then asked about their identity while being provided information about their ancestry. They win if they remember their own name.
16 up and coming aircraft designers are brought in, and asked to build complete airplanes within a 24 hour timeframe. Then they must fly their creation. Anyone surviving wins.
A sitcom in which a solo father and his three young daughters become professional poker players to pay the bills.
Set shortly after the end of the Korean War, chefs discuss the then-current vogues in the cooking of potatoes.
Two married couples compete in a doubles tennis match at Flushing Meadows. The losers have their marriage annulled and the chair umpire determines alimony and division of assets.

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