Mass Effect: Badly Translated

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Can you name the correct translations of Mass Effect-related terminology?

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'Bad' TranslationCorrect TranslationHint
NoteI guess he makes notes of how much control to assume.
PoorApparently being an asari archeologist doesn't pay well.
'Hot and Sexy'Jeff, you really know how to rake in the fangirls.
JerryWe must have played as George all along.
NetherlandsI hear they like universe destroyers in Amsterdam...
'Solo Coffee Creole'The caffeinated assassin.
ClergySaving the world and (apparently) spreading the Word.
'There, Mao'Famous last words of a colonist battling local pests.
JetinAn army of minions only rivaled by the New York Jets.
ShoppingI guess this explains the lack of female krogan.
'Bad' TranslationCorrect TranslationHint
DivineI guess Mordin was gifted after all.
LionOne fierce asari.
'Peace of evidence'He peacefully wrecks your evidence.
'People Search'Ironic, considering his demands.
MoneyI never knew space gypsies could be so...loaded.
TulipDon't call this character flowery. He'll go rogue.
TextBecause techies have to study.
WinCertainly not a win for one of your squadmates...
LawEven reservations need regulations.
HomeThis 'former foe' is certainly at home on the Normandy.

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