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A smooth talking non-magic user born into a magical family
A non magic user proceeding with great difficulty
Softly striking a cartographic depiction of Hogwarts with your wand
Lilly Luna Potter is the only one of these
A sharp spasm of emotion from the dark haired girl who's crying alot
A manoeuvre or tactic by a rich death eater
The person in charge of the location to Platform 9 and 3/4
An unshaven 3 headed dog
A bloke in wizard's prison
A soft and vicious tunnel protector used to take naps
Definition or DescriptionRyme
A foul-odored house elf
The process of walking behind someone to Ignotus Peverell grave location
A broomstick jerking suddenly
An assault from a seemingly mythical creature
Snape cut into little pieces
To play hooky from a wizard's sport
A Chinese Fireball's handled vessel or drinking flask
A tramp or vagrant hero of the Quidditch World Cup
A measure of the strength of yield of a container of soul fragment

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