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Can you name the folowing people who were born between October 23-November 21?

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Host of The Tonight Show from 1962-1992Oct 23 1925-Jan 23 2005
Soccer legend who is the all-time leading scorer of the Brazil National Soccer TeamOct 23 1940-
Singer-songwriter known mainly for his satirical songs such as Eat It and Amish ParadiseOct 23 1959-
Her hit singles include I Kissed A Girl and Hot and ColdOct 25 1984-
Former US First Lady and Presidential candidate who is now the Secretary of StateOct 26 1947-
Co-founder and chairman of MicrosoftOct 28 1955-
Current President of IranOct 28 1956-
Second President of the United StatesOct 30 1735-Jul 4 1826
Comedian who appeared in films such as Planes, Trains, & Automobiles and Uncle BuckOct 31 1950-Mar 4 1994
Indian actress who won the Miss World title in 1994Nov 1 1973-
Queen of France who was executed via guillotine after being convicted of treasonNov 2 1755-Oct 16 1793
Canadian singer-songwriter who is known for having her name in lowercase lettersNov 2 1961-
The host of CBS Evening News from 1962-1981Nov 4 1916-Jul 17 2009
D-List comedienne who has her own show on BravoNov 4 1960-
Renowned British chef who is the host of Hell's KitchenNov 8 1966-
Outspoken WWII US General who was known as Old Blood and GutsNov 11 1885-Dec 21 1945
Actress who went on to be the Princess of MonacoNov 12 1929-Sep 14 1982
Former figure skater who tried her hand at boxingNov 12 1970-
Comedian who was a co-host of The Man Show and currently has his own late night talk showNov 13 1967-
She was the National Security Advisor and later, Secretary of State during the GWB administrationNov 14 1954-
Canadian author who is known for novels such as The Handmaid's Tale and The Cat's EyeNov 18 1939-
This Icelandic singer-songwriter's albums include Debut and PostNov 21 1965-

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