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Can you name the following people born between May 21-June 19?

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Model who is notoroious for allegedly assaulting assistants and housekeepers with phonesMay 22 1970-
Singer whose debut album, Pieces Of You, was released in 1995May 23 1974-
His song, Like A Rolling Stone, is ranked #1 on the Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs Of All-Time ListMay 24 1941-
Actor known for his tough guy roles and conservative political viewsMay 26 1907-Jun 11 1979
The main female singer of Fleetwood MacMay 26 1948-
The original author of the James Bond novelsMay 28 1908-Aug 12 1964
Comedian who was known for his USO tours entertaining the US troopsMay 29 1903-Jul 27 2003
Blonde bombshell who was on the cover of the first Playboy Magazine issueJun 1 1926-Aug 5 1962
Her debut album Jagged Little Pill is still the best selling female debut album in the USJun 1 1974-
Soccer player who at 15, was the youngest player to appear in a MLS gameJun 2 1989-
Actress who has played a sociopath, a sexy video game heroine, and a spy assigned to kill her husbandJun 4 1975-
Musician who changed his name to an unpronouncable symbol in the midst of a dispute with his record labelJun 7 1958-
Jazz guitarrist who has a line of guitars named after himJun 9 1917-Aug 12 2009
Actress/singer who played Dorothy in the 1939 adaptation of the Wizard Of OzJun 10 1922-Jun 22 1969
Actress who was known for her highly public relationship with Hugh GrantJun 10 1965-
Jewish girl who gained posthumous fame for her diary documenting her experiences while hiding during the German takeover of the Netherlands during World War IIJun 12 1929-Mar 1945
Brazilian model who is a Victoria's Secret Angel and has made guest appearances in HIMYM and Ugly BettyJun 12 1981-
Boisterious real estate billionaire who likes to fire people on reality TV showsJun 14 1946-
She is the winningest coach in women's college basketball historyJun 14 1952-
Golfer, known as Lefty, who is considered to be Tiger Woods' main rivalJun 16 1970-
Rapper who played Janet Jackson's love interest in the movie Poetic JusticeJun 16 1971-Sep 13 1996
Bassist of the Beatles who formed the band Wings after the Beatles disbandedJun 18 1942-

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