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Can you name the following people born between the dates of January 20-February 18?

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Confederate general who received his nickname for his stand during the First Battle of Bull RunJan 24 1824-May 10 1863
Actress who was murdered by followers of Charles MansonJan 24 1943-Aug 9 1969
Known as the Great One, he is the NHL's all-time leading scorerJan 26 1961-
This composer's work includes Requiem Mass in D MinorJan 27 1756-Dec 5 1791
The current President of FranceJan 28 1955-
This media personality billionaire's accomplishments include a successful talk show, magazine, and an all-girls school in South AfricaJan 29 1954-
In 1947, he became the first Black player to play MLB since the 1880'sJan 31 1919-Oct 24 1972
Noted for her red swimsuit poster in the 70's, this actress who played an Angel on TV became a real one after she lost her battle with cancerFeb 2 1947-Jun 25 2009
He was the first pilot to successfully fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic OceanFeb 4 1902-Jul 26 1974
A former secretary of the NAACP who became an important figure in the Civil Rights Movement when she refused to give up her seat on a busFeb 4 1913-Oct 24 2005
He was MLB's all-time home run king until his record was broken in 2007Feb 5 1934-
She was the Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland from 1702 until her deathFeb 6 1665-Aug 1 1714
He was MLB's home run king until he was dethroned in 1974Feb 6 1895-Aug 16 1948
Reggae legend whose songs include I Shot The Sheriff and No Woman No CryFeb 6 1945-May 11 1981
Author whose work includes The Adventures Of Oliver Twist and A Tale Of Two CitiesFeb 7 1812-Jun 9 1870
Inventor who is credited with inventing the phonograph and light bulbFeb 11 1847-Oct 18 1931
Former Governor of Alaska and Republican Vice President candidate in the 2008 Presidential electionFeb 11 1964-
This President was noted for his beard, The Gettysburg Address, and his assassination, amongst other thingsFeb 12 1809-Apr 15 1865
An Italian physicist, his nicknames include 'the father of science' and 'the father of modern observational astronomy'Feb 15 1564-Jan 8 1642
Civil Rights Activist who played a big part in the fight for civil rights for womenFeb 15 1820-Mar 13 1906
A co-founder and leader of the Black Panther PartyFeb 17 1942-Aug 22 1989
This five-time NBA MVP, six-time NBA Finals MVP, and businessman is widely considered to be the greatest basketball player of all-timeFeb 17 1963-

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