What Bands Took Their Name From

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Can you name the way that bands got inspiration for their names?

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The villain from Barbarella
A term used by World War II pilots for UFOs
A Talking Heads' song
English nursery rhyme to do with predicting the future from the number of birds seen
A Steely Dan song
The first book in The Bible
A fictional band in the video for 'Crystal' by New Order
A phrase from novel 'Interview With The Vampire'
Code number of a form people in Britain have to fill out to receive public assistance or welfare
Band members nickname at school because he had a breathing problem
Alluded to cramped quarters at their West Hollywood shared apartment during recording of debut album
A South African football club that Lucas Radebe played for
An international way of expressing recognition
Band member opened a dictionary and randomly picked a word
A physical-education teacher at the bands high school
A song by Prince Buster

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