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Biggest Country By Area2,969,907 Sq Mile
Biggest Country By Population40,518,951 People
Largest American StateLargest State Overall
English Premiership Top Scorer119 Goals
Spanish La Liga Top Scorer182 Goals
Italian Serie A Top Scorer216 Goals
Most Home Runs Major League Baseball755 HR
Most Tennis Titles61 Titles
Top NBA Scorer38,387 Points
Most WWF/E Heavyweight Titles6 Time Champion
Highest Grossing Movie$2,778,527,559 Worldwide
Movie With Most Oscars8 Wins
Top Movie Franchise$473.2 Million Gross
Best-Selling Music ArtistEstimated 370 Million Sales
Best-Selling Studio Album1987 28 Million Worldwide
Best-Selling Song1967 10 Million Sales
Best-Selling Book1859 200+ Million Sales
Fastest Land AnimalTop Speed 61 mph
Top Boys Name 2010 (US)6th Overall
Top Girls Name 2010 (US)5th Overall
Top US Surname12th Overall
Best-Selling Mobile Phone Game36+ Million Downloads

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