Name the X-Men by their powers

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Can you name the X-Men by their powers?

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Weather control
Adamantium Claws and Regeneration
Optic blasts out of eyes
Translator of any language
Turn sonic vibrations into light
Feathered Wings out of back
Sonic Scream
Telepathy and Telekinesis
Superhuman Strength and Agility
Can turn skin into 'Organic steel'
Generates intense cold
Phase through solid objects
Can absorb mutant abilities or memories with physical contact
Super Strength and Stamina
Solar fire
Can transform into a Wolf
Sunlight lends super strength
Invulnerable in flight
Ability to create 'fireworks'
Ability to project burst of heat and molten rock
Telepathy and Diamond hard skin
Ability to absorb solar energy and project it out
Superhuman talent for inventing machines

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