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4. Map projection; rectangular, major distortions near poles
41. Type of climate region (savanna, rainforest)
14. Region type: Defined by central place and surrounding area
34. Prevailing Winds in polar zones
35. Prevailing Winds in temperate zones
36. Prevailing Winds in tropical zones
32. Avg. date of Fall (autumnal) equinox
30. Avg. date of winter solstice
43. Type of climate region (high elevation)
28. Process of turning seawater into freshwater
20. Plate movement: heavier plate dives beneath lighter plate
52. If there was a map of Earth and a map of Chicago, which would be 'large scale'
1. Map projection; good balance between size and shape
48. Type of natural vegetation (evergreen and seasonal trees)
37. Water current that runs south along western shore of africa, near Cape Verde
21. Plate Movement: Lighter plate dives below heavy plate; can cause underwater mountians
24. Process that breaks down Earth's rocks into smaller pieces
61. Name year earth's population reached 1 billion, 3 billion, 6 billion, 7 billion
38. Water current south of US
40. Effect that makes the winds/current in the northern hemisphere rotate clockwise , and wind/water currents in the south rotate counter-clockwise
7. Where something is located in relation to something else
11. Degree of latitude of Antarctic Circle(add direction)
26. Name one cause of erosion?
58. What would happen if Earth's Core could not be released?
17. 'sphere: water
6. Precise point where something is located
39. Water current that gives Europe a temperate climate
47. Type of natural vegetation (evergreen trees)
23. Fertile yellow, gray soil deposited by wind/fertile soil
19. 'sphere: part of earth supporting life
59. Frequently windless areas near equator
3. Map projection; shows size and shape perfectly but distance is distorted
15. Region type: Defined by popular feelings and images
13. Region type: Defined by common characteristic
42. Type of climate region (steppe, desert)
49. Area of lush vegetation in otherwise dry area
18. 'sphere: layer of gas
64. Everyone's favirote country
31. Avg. date of Spring (vernal) equinox
54. Career name: mapmakers
46. Type of natural vegetation (thickets of woody bushes and short trees)
29. Avg. date of summer solstice
62. Name one negative effect of urbinizaion
27. Large piles of debris left by glaciers
22. Plate movement: Sea plates pull apart, causing rifts
55. Career name: weather forcasters
45. Type of climate region (Subarctic, Tundra, Icecap)
56. Why does mantle move
12. Degree of longitude of International Date Line (add direction)
50. Permanently frozen subsoil
53. Direction Earth rotates
33. Revolution of Earth in days
60. Frequently windless areas near tropics
2. Map projection; minor distortions, poles have most distortion
5. Map projection; circular; usually used for showing hemispheres
51. Most efficent path for global travel
25. Wearing away of earths surface
57. What hemisphere is Africa NOT in?
63. Subdivisions of religons
44. Type of climate region (marine, mediterranean, humid subtropical/continental)
10. Degree of latitude of Arctic Circle (add direction)
8. Degree of latitude of Tropic of Cancer (add direction)
16. 'sphere: Earths crust
9. Degree of latitude of Tropic of Capricorn (add direction)

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