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USS John F. Kennedy, CV-__
Cardinal manager Tony LaRussa's number
Baker's dozen
Area__, a supposed alien sighting and secret government base
Important in time because it represents the last minute on a clock before the hour changes
Considered lucky in Chinese culture
Your __th anniversary is your diamond anniversary.
When the numbers' digits are added together, the sum it produces squared is the original number
Highest number from 1-100 with a line of symmetry
Number of counties in California
Cats have __ lives
Atomic number of silver
Significant number in Norse and Egyptian mythology; in Norse it was said to represent bravery, and egyptian pharaohs were often buried with this many statues of cat guardians
'Let's split it __-__'
Company name: '__ Lumber'
Games Joe DiMaggio's hit streak lasted
Divisible by 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, and itself
'_Puzzle', a game where the objective is to move tiles in correct order
Total degrees of latitude in the temperate zones
Last book of the Federalist papers: federalist No. __
Number of kings at Jesus's birth
Normal body temperature: __.6° F
Sum of first three powers of 3
Roman numeral LXXXIX
This number would be '111' in a base 5 system and '11111' in a base 2 system
Es Setenta y uno en espańol
2012 was the __th anniversary of the whopper
Only impossible football score
This number is odd, ends in 9, is lower than 89, higher than 29, prime, and does not have a 5 in it.
Related to Ying-yang
9th number in the Fibonacci sequence
Number of human chromosomes
Total number of books in the Catholic version of the bible
Historic roadway in USA 'Route__'
Maximum number of games one team could play in the NHL or NBA playoffs
Number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet
Popular girl's magazine
NBA courts are __ feet by 50 feet
Roman numeral XLI
Movie '__ Miles To Go'
Approxamite number of weeks in a year
Number of regular season games in the NHL and NBA per team
Number of elements with at least one completely stable isotope
__ Hills of rome
Number day of the year of April 3rd
It is divisible by 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 48, and itself.
Number of edges on a truncated cube and truncated octohedron(Archimedean solids)
Shot clock length in seconds in the NCAAB
Number of questions on this quiz
Smallest integer that is equal to the sum of 6 squares (not including squares of decimals)
Cents in a quarter (USD)
Sum of first four square numbers
Occasionally a Jewish man this age will celebrate a second Bar Mitzvah
Number that has nothing interesting about it, type '53'
Number of years between signing of the Decliaration of Independence and the Battle of Gettysburg
Number of regular-season NFL games per team
Number of chromosomes in a mule
Only number with its letters in alphabetical order
Only number retired leauge wide in the NHL
First odd-numbered perfect cube besides 1
In French, it is said 'Soixante-dix'
Number of basic states of matter
The number of pieces on a Rubik's Cube
To be classified a hurricane/typhoon, a storm needs to sustain winds of __ MPH or higher
Total pitches of Don Larsen's perfect game in the world series
Number of faces on an Icosahedron
Current Century
5th smallest prime number
Year the Collesieum was built (Gregorian calendar, A.D.)
Only number whose cube has 3 unique digits occuring twice (6 digits in total)
Number of squares on a chess board
Philadelphia basketball team, __ers
Degrees of a right angle
TV series on Fox
Number of flight that crashed into pentagon on 9-11-2001
Freezing point of water in Fahrenhiet
6:00 PM, military time
Steely Dan song 'Hey __'
Year the Olympics were held in Barcelona: 19__
Babylonians used a base __ system
Number of car named 'The King' in Pixar's 'Cars'
Number of pounds in a stone
Factorization: 3^2*5
Total number of gifts given in 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'
Common speed limit on US highways
Line of latitude that divides Canada and the USA roughly (__° N)
Number of Heinz Varieties
Number of chromosomes in a sperm or unfertilzed egg cell
Baseball movie entitled __*
Only even prime number
Only number that is the sum and the product of 3 consecutive numbers
Twice the third power of three
__ Angry Men
Number of times Muslims pray to Allah per day
One symbol of the KKK
According to Wikipedia, number of plays Shakespeare wrote in total
Jersey number of baseball's Hank Aaron
Atomic number of Copper

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