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Can you name the CoD: Modern Warfare (1 and 2) characters?

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Marine controlled while trying to find Al-Asad
Army ranger protecting the homeland
A mad dog kept in check by Zakhaev
Ultranationalist leader who looks like Lenin
Loyalist Russian that Price can smell from a mile away
Skull-faced balaclava. Soap's second-hand man. Killed by Shepherd
Leads his squad into Russia. Becomes a tad bit loony after being released from a Gulag
Marine who helps the SAS in Russia
Nuke and Run. You find him cowering in Azerbaijan
Disgruntled General
Just a pawn used by Shepherd. Codename: Alexei Borodin
Leads his squad to protect Whiskey Hotel
Freaks out when Heli's fall from the sky
Passed Selection. Fought Russians. Promoted to Captain. Kills a General
Marine Lt. who leads the search for Al-Asad
Madman's son who enjoys wearing tracksuits
Task Force 141's silent killer and house pest
Price's second-hand man. Killed by Zakhaev
Arms dealer for Makarov. Gets tackled through a window
Russian who knows a thing or two about flying
Assassinated by Al-Asad

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