Chronology: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

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Suez Crisis
Great Britain given the Palestine Mandate by the League of Nations
Free Officer revolt led by Gamal Abdel Nasser in Egypt
War of Attrition
Sykes-Picot agreement
Death of Arafat; Abbas becomes president of PA
Israel admitted to the United Nations
Iraq invades Kuwait; UN Security Council votes sanctions
Multinational peacekeeping force arrives in Beirut; attacks against American embassy and Marine barracks
Egypt's Sadat becomes first Arab head of state to recognize Israel and to address Israeli Knesset in Jerusalem
Israel reoccupies towns in West Bank and Gaza and begins construction on a security fence between the WB and Israel; UN Security Council passes a resolution demanding that Israel w
British White Paper calls for independent Palestine within 10 years
Antimonarchical revolt in Iraq; crisis in Jordan and Lebanon; American Marines land in Beirut
Publication of Herzl's 'The Jewish State'; First World Zionist Congress meets
Ariel Sharon elected Israeli PM
Palestinian Arab revolt against British authority; Peel Commission proposal rejected by Arabs and accepted by Jews
Sadat assassinated in Cairo
War between Israel and the Arab League
EIsenhower Doctrine
Climax of Iranian revolution; Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty signed in Washington; American embas
The US, EU, Russia, and the UN release the three-phase 'Road map' calling for an independent Palestinian state and full peace by 2005; Arafat appoints Mahmoud Abbas PM; Abbas, Shar
Carter Doctrine; Iraqi invasion of Iran launches Iran-Iraq War
Yom Kippur War
Arab oil imbargo
Beginning of Palestinian uprising (intifada) in Gaza Strip and West Bank
Likud leader Netanyahu elected PM after terrorist bombings in Israeli cities undermines support for Peres, Rabin's labor successor
US brokers Israeli-PLO Wye River Accords, which cede additional 13 percent of West Bank to Palestinians; US President Clinton addresses Palestinian Assembly in Gaza
Jordan's King Hussein renounces Jordanian sovereignty over West Bank; PLO declares independent Palestinian states on West Bank and Gaza
Israel completes unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and continues construction of security fence despite protests that it takes Palestinian land
Formation of Arab High Committee
Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen create the Arab League
Camp David negotiations fail; Second Intifada begins
Six Day War: Israel occupies the Sinai, Gaza, West Bank, and the Golan Heights; adoption of UN Resolution 242
Sharon is incapacitated as a result of a major stroke; Hamas wins Palestinian election; Ehud Olmert and new Kadima Party come first in Israeli elections
Rabin assassinated in Tel Aviv
Balfour Declaration
Fighting between Arabs and Jews in Palestine; British mandate ends; David Ben-Gurion proclaims the state of Israel
Iraq expelled from Kuwait in Gulf War
Formation of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)
Soviet-Egyptian arms deal concluded; Baghdad Pact created with Great Britain, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Pakistan as members
Camp David Summit with Carter, Begin, and Sadat
Oslo negotiations and Declaration of Principles between Israel and the PLO
MacMahon-Sharif Hussein agreements; Arab revolt against Turks
Death of Jordan's King Hussein; Labor leader Barak elected Israeli PM
'Black September' in Jordan; death of Nasser
Israel cedes 80 percent of West Bank town of Hebron to Palestinians
Military disengagement accords between Israel and Egypt and Syria
Arab-Israel peace talks in Madrid and Washington
Britain refers Palestine dispute to UN; UN partition plan rejected by Arabs and accepted by Jews
Israeli forces invade Lebanon
Jordanian-Israeli peace treaty signed in Washington; Israeli-PLO agreement for Palestinian control over Gaza and Jericho
Sinai Agreement between Israel and Egypt permits reopening of Suez Canal

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