Ocarina of Time Glitches

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Ocatina of Time Glitches
Used to get to the other side of a vine wall
Travel a huge distance in the air
Disables all C buttons and changes the A icon
Keep the power of your last attack
Swaping a bottle before catching something
Used to get to high up places
Travel fast along the ground, with full steering
What is it called when you skip big scenes or sequences
Used to get many items and upgrades and even change whats on B
Small hop to climb onto higher ledges
Ocatina of Time Glitches
Master sword without Spiritural stones
Jumpslash at a lit torch with your sword and pull out a deku stick
Stops you going off an edge
Get to Hyrule feild before beating the deku tree
Travel fast along the ground in a straight line
Play songs without an ocarina
Traveling at speed into a small angle or corner to get through
Leave the fishing pond with the fishing rod
Slide along the floor on Link's horse
Go to the bottom of a body of water with a bottle

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