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TodayRachel and Blaine
Winter DaysMercedes and Sam with New Directions
Book FishSantana
Walking KingMercedes and Santana
Old Person, It's Hot InsideKurt and Blaine
Dark Down the MoonNew Directions
Vegetable WomanTroubletones
Adult NightmareDalton Academy Warblers
Down Country BoyDalton Academy Warblers
Remember MeHolly Holliday with New Directions
WhisperArtie and Mike
NightmaresApril and Will
Mad I LeftSebastian with Dalton Academy Warblers
You Look Ugly/PrettyQuinn and Rachel
They Aren't OldNew Directions
With MeRachel
No PlaceRachel and Shelby
Winner Unlike YouNew Directions
Malo AguaHarmony with Unitards
Rough CopSantana and Sebastian
Your WomanRachel
Front to WhiteSantana
Your PlateBrittany and Artie
Divorce MeNew Directions
Break MeWill with New Directions
White FishKurt with Dalton Academy Warblers
They Lost HateNew Directions
XYZNew Directions
U.S.S.RSantana, Tina, Puck, Rory
Boring Hate BooksBlaine with Dalton Academy Warblers

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