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Can you name the who said these quotes from the television series 'Glee'?

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'I'm Beyonce, I ain't no Kelly Rowland!'Pilot
'Who is Josh Groban? Kill yourself!'Acafellas
'Let's have some girl talk, manhands.'Showmance
'A few years ago, I started a online flirtation with a high school flame Andy. Things got weird and I called it off and two months later Versace was dead.' The Rhodes Not Taken
'Put that in your pipe and smoke it.'The Rhodes Not Taken
'I got this book at the library. Did you know you can just borrow books from there?'Preggers
'I think Mr. Schuester is trying to use irony to enhance the performance.'Pilot
'And you wanna know why? I don't trust a man with curly hair. I can't help but imagine birds laying sulfurous eggs in there.'Throwdown
'Let's just say that my dads are going to have to dip into my college fund to pay for intensive therapy.'Throwdown
'They're going to throw fruit at us, and I just had a facial!'Showmance
'I-I-I think we got this one Miss Sylvester.'Throwdown
'It's over the counter, it's safe.'Vitamin D
'That Rachel girl makes me want to light myself on fire but she can sing.'Preggers
'Oh Sue, I put that video on Youtube myself. And it only got 2 hits!'Pilot
'You're not always going to be the star. But I'll do my best to make sure you're always having fun.'Showmance

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