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What is his middle name?
What city was he born?
What band was he in?
What city did his band originate in?
What Label signed his band?
What year were they inducted into the Rock and Roll Hal of Fame?
What song was inspired by a peyote trip taken by him?
What was his nickname?
What College did he go to?
What was the book, by Aldous Huxley, that inspired the name of the band he was in?
What song was his first #1 hit?
Who was his long term companion?
What was the show where he performed Light My Fire leaving in the Lyric 'Girl we couldnt get much higher'??
What was his first poetry book?
What was the name of one of his band mates?
When did he die?
Which city is he buried in?
Which single of his features a saxophonist?
In which city was he arrested on stage?

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