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Related to the stateState
Space camp
Sarah Palin
Iced tea... ;)
Bill Clinton was born here
One of the Four Corners
First state
Disney World
Peanuts and peaches
Treasure Valley
Corn and coal
David Letterman was born here
The world's largest srawberry
Wizard of Oz
Horse race
Mardi Gras
L.L. Bean
Babe Ruth was born here
Basketball Hall of Fame
Home to the car capital of the world
Mall of America
Elvis Presley was born here
Harry Truman was born here
Related to the stateState
Yellowstone National Park (partly)
911 was developed here
Largest gold producing state
The first potato was planted here
Most densely populated state
The Rio Grande
The Big Apple
Babe Ruth hit his first home run here
Milk is the official state drink
Neil Armstrong was born here
The National Cowboy Hall of Fame
The Carousel Museum
Hershey Park
Smallest state
The largest Gingko farm is here
Mount Rushmore
Graceland is here
Lone Star State
The Rainbow Trout is the state fish
Only state capital without a McDonalds
Starbucks was founded here
Mother's Day was founded here
Badger State
Lowest population

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