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They're selling postcards of the _____
They're painting the ______ brown
the beauty parlor is filled with ____
the _____ is in town
here comes the ____ commissioner
they've got him in a _____
one ___ is tied to the tight-rope walker
the other is in his ____
and the riot squad they're ____
they need somewhere to _______
as _____ and I look out tonight
from ________ ____
_______, she seems so easy
it takes one to know one she ____
and puts her ____ in her back pockets
_____ _____ style
and in comes _____ he's moaning
and _____ says
you're in the wrong _____ my friend, you'd better leave
and the only _____ that's left
after the ______ go
is cinderella _____ up on Desolation Row
now the _____ is almost hidden
the stars they're just pretending to ____
the ________ lady has even taken all her things inside
all except for ______ ___ ____
and the hunchback of ______ _____
everyone is making ___ or else expecting rain
and the ____ ______, he's dressing
he's getting ready for the ____
he's going to the ______ tonight on Desolation Row
_____, she's 'neath the window
for her i feel so ____
on her ______ birthday
she already is an ___ _____
now to her ____ is quite romantic
she wears an ____ vest
her profession is her _____
her sin is her _______
and though her eyes are fixed upon Noah's great _____
she spends her time ____ into Desolation Row
Einstein disguised as ___ ___
with his _____ in a trunk
passed this way an ____ ago
with his friend some jealous _____
now he looked so immaculetly ____
as he _____ a cigarette
then he went off sniffing ______
and reciting the ____
you would not think to ____ at him
but he was _____ long ago
for playing the ___ ____ on Desolation Row
_ ___ he keeps his world
locked inside of his ____ ____
but all his _____ patients
they're ____ to blow it up
now his nurse some local ____
she's in charge of the __ hole
she also keeps the cards that read '__'
they all play on the penny ____
you can hear them ___
if you ___ your head out far enough from Desolation Row
acroos the street they've nailed the ____
they're getting ready for the ____
the _____ ___ __ _____
in the perfect image of a ____
they're spoon feeding ____
to get him to feel more ____
then they'll kill him with ________
after ____ him with words
and the phantom shouts to _____ girls
get outta here if you don't know Casanova he's just being ____ for going to Desolation Row
now at ___ all the agents
and the ____ crew
come out and ___ __ everyone who knows more than they do
then they bring them to the ____
where the ___ ___ ___ is strapped across their shoulders
and then the ______
is brought down from the ____
by ____ men who go
to check to see that no one is ____ to Desolation Row
Praise be to Nero's ____
the ____ sails at dawn
and everybody's shouting '___?'
and Erza Pound and ______
fighting in the captain's ____
while _____ singers laugh at them
and ____ hold flowers
between the windows of the ___
where lovely ____ flow
and ____ has to think too much about Desolation Row
yes I recieved your ____ yesterday
and the time the ___ ___ broke
when you asked me how I was doing, was that some kind of ___
all these people that you ___
yes I know them they're quite ___
I had to ____ their faces and give them all another name
right now I cannot ___ too well don't send me no more letters no
not unless you ___ them from Desolation Row

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