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brown dog known for helping to solve mysteries
Yellow hair, whiskers, known for the shadow clone jutsu
white cup, yellow hands, pink straw
pilot of the Swordfish II and former member of the red dragon crime syndicate
adventurous 11 year old boy who follows his father on adventures along with his dog bandit
Street Rat
meercat and warthog
Rodent spoofs of Indiana Jones and Magnum P.I.
struck by a car and dies saving a small girl, user of the spirit gun
Wields a caster gun, wears large cloaks, and has scars on left cheek
half-dog demon in search of the sacred shikon jewel
Scrooge McDuck's grandnephews
Brown Bear who loves exploring
naive 12 year old Christian boy
australian wallaby
Cloaked Duck alter ego Drake Mallard
'That's All Folks!'
long red hair, x's on cheeks, assassin in early Meiji period
Navigator of The Sea Duck, trademark blue and red baseball cap and green sweatshirt
spikey blonde hair small red tinted glasses, excellent marksman
immortal genie who tends kami's lookout
yellow cat, purple vest and purple hat
pink mountain lion with bowtie and top hat
bald, yellow shirt with a black stripe
He's not fat, he's big boned
Pilot of the XXXG-01W Wing
Polar Bear who loves adventure
two teenage boys that live together and love rock/metal music
former desert bandit, 183 cm tall, 68 kilograms, original z fighter
Grey Rabbit
Leader of the ham-ham gang
blue dog red bow tie
carefree schoolgirl who wields the silver crystal
trademark red hat who's best friend is a yellow electric mouse
Yellow Bear that loves honey
his power level is over 9000!
red hair, glasses, white lab coat
Has his own amusement parks
Hosts of a show frequented by celebrities where the loser almost always dies
Son of a goofy 50's cartoon character
original host of toonami
pilot of the black megadeus Big O
dog who wears a kimono voiced by scatman kruthers
Southern Rooster
Penguin with brown hat and red bow tie

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