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The type of bonding between Primary Protein Structures?
The type of bonding between secondary protein structures?
The type of carbon atom with a mirror image?
Colour of iron(3) chloride when added to a molecule with a benzene ring?
What type of reaction links phosphate groups and deoxyribose?
How many hydrogen bonds are there between base C and G?
If a reaction is zero order with respect to water is water in the rate determining step?
What is a COOH group called?
What is an NH2 group called?
If these groups appear on a molecule what ion can they form?
If an element has multiple oxidation states, what electrode is used in an electrochemical cell?
What's name's given to the process in stage 2 of the production of steel?
What element is removed when powdered magnesium as added during the BOS process?
What happens during slagging?
What's the link called between two amino acids?
If a molecule is soluble in water it usually forms what bonds?
What base pairs with G?
What base replaces T in RNA?
Colour of iron(3) chloride when added to a molecule with a phenol group/
Do enzymes lower the activation enthalpy of a reaction?
What does DNA stand for?

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