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The lady doth _____ too much, methinks!Gertrude
O, that this ____ ____ solid flesh would melt, thaw, and resolve itself into a dew!Hamlet
To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day thou canst not then be _____ to any man.Polonius
I am thy father's _____ doomed for a certain term to walk the night and for the day confined to fast in fires. Ghost
You are the queen, your _____'s brother's wife; and -- were it not so! -- you are my mother.Hamlet
For who would bear the whips and _____ of time...Hamlet
Neither a borrower nor a lender be, for loan oft loses both itself and _____.Polonius
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Affection? Pooh! You speak like a _____ girl. Polonius
I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath borne me on his _____ a thousand times. Hamlet
And yet to me, what is this quintessence of _____. Man delights not me. Hamlet
You cannot, sir, take from me anything than I will more willingly part withal, except my _____, except my _____, except my _____.Hamlet
My words _____ up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go.Claudius
The spirit that I have seen may be the _____: and the _____ hath power to assume a pleasing shape. Hamlet
But, you must know, your _____ lost a _____, and that _____ lost, lost his. Claudius
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Dost thou come here to whine? To outface me with leaping in her _____?Hamlet
I would give you some _____ but they withered all when my father died. Ophelia
In _____ husband let me be accursed! None wed the _____ , but who killed the first. Player Queen
Hamlet, thou art slain; no _____ in the world can do thee good. Laertes
Hamlet, this _____ is thine. Here's to thy health. Give him the cupClaudius
Madness in great ones must not _____ go!Claudius

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