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Ask the gods if they can catch flies, too!
Blue horns and southern cotton
Not impossible
Mission babes
Who does he hear?
Is that a boat in the mist ON STAGE?
7 + 7 = 14. That's a lot of wedding clothes!
They've been doing this for 25 years?
Knees tight! You'll have to hold it longer than that!
Climb the corporate ladder
Bobby baby, Bobby baby
Don't cut yourself for a sibling!
Move, get a modern new haircut and a new job!
Everyone should have a bottomless carpet bag.
Are you listening to that dance?
Hungry orphans
Seymour, there are a lot of musical involving blood!
Angels, cars, mooning
Got a diamond? He'll sing for you!
Lt. Cable and Nellie
Be our guest
Thally thells thea thells by the thea thore
Canadian Rockies
Fashionista has love triangle
It won't be white in southern California
This one might drain the blood out of you.
Let's blow up this worthless place!
Mother visits shrink-a lot
What would happen if the lights in Italy went out?
No curly fries on a beautiful morning
No one ever does this 'un-PC' show!
Gaggles, courtesans, heros?
It won't snow before nightfall
It's not dead yet!
Hitler's in a musical?
It's a little corner
How pretty do YOU feel?
Puppet sex?
June needs a bra!
The key is the real secret.
Who killed Mary?
Who's the real master of the house?
You would have done the same!
He plays the violin? Really?
Is it safe to sit up there and play?
Defy it!
Don't let your vocal chords get wet
Heaven would be very colorful behind that chainlink fence.
It's not exactly Irish Step Dancing for this boy.
Next to Lovin' they like fightin'!
She's waitin' with a gun behind the hill, near the still.
Nickels, cameras and Daddy's hands.
This job is getting old!
I always make clothes out of curtains.
The kid's got sonar ability.
What is it that you're living for?
Stupendous! Marvelous! Wonderful!
Why, oh why, did I ever leave Ohio?
Starshine and protests

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