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Largest population1,315,844,000 people
Largest coffee producer2,249,010 tons
Largest spice producer1.6 million tons
Largest coconut producer17 million tons
Largest illegal opium producer8,200 metric tons
Largest exporter$1.53 trillion
Lowest land depression-418 m
Highest elevation29,029 ft
Most wine consumption per capita74.47 bottles
Highest tea consumption per capita2.5 kg (88 oz) / year
Biggest smokers4,313 cigarettes per person per year
Highest national IQ108
Most Winter Olympic gold medals120 gold medals
Most Summer Oylmpic gold medals930 gold medals
Most FIFA World Cups5
Highest incarceration rate760 prisoners per 100000 people
Lowest birth rate7.64 births / 1000 people
Highest life expectancy83.53 years
Highest suicide rate38.6 per 100,000 people per year
Highest unemployment rate90%
Largest army (by budget)$518 billion
Largest army (by headcount)2.25 million troops
Largest army (per capita)4.6%
Most of top 10 best albums (Rolling Stone)6 of top 10

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