GCSE History : USA 1919-41 - Economic Boom facts

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Can you name the economic boom facts?

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During the 1920s road mileage...
How many trucks in 1919?
How many in 1929?
How many silk stockings sold in 1900?
How many stockings in 1930?(To a female population of 100 million)
How many aeroplane flights a year in 1930?
How many chain stores in 1918?
How many chain stores in 1929?
During the decade grocery sales went up by...percent
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During the decade clothing sales went up by... percent
Cars? 'x in 1900 to x in 1930'
For every one fridge in 1921 there were...
How many 'Model T' cars made between 1908 and 1925?
In 1927 they were produced at a rate of...
How many cars made in 1929?

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