America by the Decade: 1950s

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The tension between the US and the USSR is described as this type of 'war'
'Tail Gunner Joe' who begins witch hunts for Communists
Turning point of the Korean War (for America) is when General MacArthur's forces land here
These 'Bums' finally beat the Yankees in the World Series
He initiates a legendary career with his first RCA single, 'Heartbreak Hotel'
Eisenhower concept that once one nation falls to Communism, the surrounding ones will too
Polio vaccine is developed by this man
First artificial satellite to enter Earth's orbit
Landmark case declaring segregated public education as 'unconstitutional'
Rod Serling brings us to this dimension
Watson and Crick are credited with concluding the helical structure of this molecule
This Cuban revolutionary is denied help by America and subsequently turns to USSR
Last state added to America
Nine integrated students are infamously harassed while attending Central High School in this city
This location is to be a demilitarized zone after America agrees to cease fire in Korea
First successful transplant of this (or any) vital organ
This backyard, 'plastic' baseball is introduced
Rosa Parks refuses to give up a seat in a bus in this segregated Southern town
This place 'where dreams come true' opens
After successful Soviet detonation of the atom bomb, the U.S creates this deadlier WMD
Salinger writes this controversial novel
Juvenile delinquency gives rise to this generation, coined by Jack Kerouac, and possibly the precursor to hippies

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