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Can you name the MLB Hall of Famers who played for only two teams?

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TeamsPlayerInduction Year
Reds, Phillies1963
Red Sox, White Sox1971
White Sox, Giants1955
Athletics, Tigers1947
Indians, Red Sox1970
Tigers, Reds1952
Giants, Cubs1973
Tigers, Athletics1936
Senators, Indians1963
White Sox, Cubs2012
Pirates, Colonels1945
Robins, Athletics1959
Giants, Reds1936
White Sox, Braves1946
Pirates, Robins1961
Yankees, Cubs1946
Yankees, Indians2009
Cubs, Athletics1987
Cubs, Reds**1946
Tigers, Phillies1956
Tigers, Indians1992
Athletics, Yankees1955
Athletics, Yankees1987
TeamsPlayerInduction Year
Yankees, Senators1972
Giants, Mets1979
Cubs, Phillies2005
Braves, Brewers1982
Senators/Twins, Royals1984
Red Sox, White Sox2000
Angels, Twins1991
White Sox, Athletics1939
Cardinals, Padres2002
Cardinals, Reds1971
Pirates, Robins1985
Athletics, Red Sox1947
Colonels, Pirates1936
Trojans, Giants1973
Cardinals, Reds1970
Yankees, Mets1972
Tigers, Reds1957
Athletics, Browns**1946
Giants, Cubs1955
Cardinals, Cubs1985
Giants, Cardinals1947
Indians, Yankees1977

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