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OriginVillainFirst Appearance
Unkown; usually recounted as a man who slipped into an acid poolBatman #1 (1940)
Obsession with hats and Lewis CarrollBatman #49 (1948)
Bottled-up emotional distress unleashed in the form of mutliple personalities, most notably a very wooden gangsterDetective Comics #583 (1988)
Arkham psychoanalyst becomes infatuated with the first answerBatman: The Animated Series (1992)
Loses family and fortune; homicidal encounter dawns belief that everyone is a zombie until liberated by deathBatman: Shadow of the Bat #1 (1992)
Seed of villainy planted by toxic injectionsBatman #181 (1966)
Previously a cathouse servant who enters thievery of jewelsBatman #1 (1940)
Save the date for a man bent on themDetective Comics #259 (1958)
Failed pyrotechnicDetective Comics #184 (1952)
Acid splash reveals another side of Gotham's DADetective Comics #66 (1942)
Bullied and rejected; scary fascinationsWorld's Finest Comics #3 (1941)
OriginVillainFirst Appearance
Carves his alias out of his father's coffin due to family complications and personal failuresBatman #386 (1985)
Several versions, usually unfortunate incidents involving genetic changes mold this villainDetective Comics #40 (1940)
Insane psychiatrist whose best weapon is Batman's identityDetective Comics #36 (1940)
Chemical encounter and an undying passion to find a cure for his icy wifeBatman #121 (1959)
Fabled Lazarus pits grant this assassin immortalityBatman #232 (1971)
Batty transformation after using a solution to prevent his deafnessDetective Comics #400 (1970)
Society outcast for bird-like appearanceDetective Comics #58 (1941)
History teacher with too much enthusiasm for Greek MythologyDetective Comics #483 (1979)
Obsessions with puzzles gives him a questionable driveDetective Comics #140 (1948)
Serving his father's life sentence, prison and Venom fuel this villainBatman: Vengeance of [Villain] #1 (1992)
Left for dead in an Arkham freezer, frostbite deforms his face and drives him madArkham Asylum: Living Hell #1 (2003)

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