America By The Decade: 1970s

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Landmark Supreme Court Case ruling abortion to be a woman's decision
Arab-Israeli agreements facilitated by Jimmy Carter
Led Zeppelin's composes this heavenly rock anthem
Nixon retires as a result of a break-in at this office complex
Popular table tennis video game released by Atari
Communist group establishes Democratic Kampuchea in Cambodia
Hostage crises occurs in this nation when militants occupy the U.S. embassy
Both parts of Coppolla's mafia masterpieces are released
Growing popularity of this TV genre with shows like 'Wheel of Fortune'
Involvement in the Vietnam War finally ends with the signing of this document
First spacecrafts sent to Mars by NASA
Law signed by Nixon to federally regulate workplace safety
Overthrew the Shah and headed anti-Western notions
This genre gains prominence following movies like 'Saturday Night fever'
Program featuring bouts between Archie Bunker and 'the meathead'
Broke Babe Ruth's legendary home run record
Helping Israel in the Yom Kippur War prompts this crisis
This software giant is founded, though Windows has yet to be introduced
26th Amendement lowers the age required to do this
Nuclear accident occurs at this plant located near Harrisburg, PA

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