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Landmark fesitval featuring an opening 'Star Spangled Banner' riff by Jimi Hendrix
Name for Lyndon Johnson's domestic policies
First successful mission to the moon using the 'Eagle' spacecraft
Original North Vietnamese dictator dies
1967 accumulation of hippie culture at Haight-Ashbury
Famous pop artist emerges with his paintings of Campbell Soup and Marilyn Monroe
1965 law creating more voting opportunities by banning literacy voting tests
Basketball legend scores 100 points in one game
Betty Friedan's bestseller declaring most women are unhappy as housewives
Supreme Court case which helps to establish the right to remain silent
Harper Lee's novel of a prejudicial southern town seen through a child's eyes
Makes his big screen debut by asking for a martini 'shaken, not stirred'
Guerilla faction that fought the US in South Vietnam
This Fab Four reaches America in 1964
Congress-approved resolution that allows President Johnson to deploy armed forces without a declaration of war
Law banning employment discrimination based on traits like gender or skin
Rachel Carson book denouncing the use of DDT
Army action figure marketed to boys as Barbie does for girls
Herbicide used against Vietnam by USA during Operation Ranch Hand
This movement for Mexican American civil rights gets momentum
Americans sigh in relief when the USSR promises to dismantle missiles stocked in this nearby nation
1964 Mississippi movement to register black voters on a mass scale
First American to orbit Earth
Producers of this commodity are required to feature surgeon general warnings
SCLC and civil rights leader is assassinated

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