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The outermost of the meninges of the CNS is the ______ ______.
In the ANS, the ____________ neuron is unmyelinated.
The scapula is considered part of the ______ skeleton.
The termination of the spinal cord, at which points it stops to grow, is known as the:
A patient complains that she is unable to flex her elbow or supinate her forarem. You initially suspect damage to the ________ nerve.
The ____________ around bones is the reason it hurts so much to break a bone.
True or false: ventral rami contain both sensory and motor neurons.
Complete the anaology: motor : efferent :: _______ : afferent
Photons of light expose an x-ray film; if there is nothing in between the x-ray beam and the film, the resulting image would appear completely:
Falling on your neck can cause damage to C5-C6; clinically, this could manifest as a pronated and partially extended position of the arm, also called:
Of the three classifications of neurons (uni, bi, and multipolar), _______ neurons are always sensory.
True or False: preganglionic neurons of sympathetic innervation of the adrenal medulla go from the ventral root through the sympathetic trunk ganglion to synapse there.
Herpes zoster infects a dorsal root ganglion and manifests as a rash in the area of skin associated with the nerve; this area of skin is called a:
The condition that causes severe facial blushing is known as:
A positively charged particle of anti-matter, also called an 'anti-electron,' is also called a:
Which of these tissues attenuates x-rays the most: liquid, air, bone, or fat.
Bones that support the head, neck, and trunk are collectively called the ______ skeleton.
On a CT can, air will appear ______.
Suture joints of the skull are attached by ________.
True or false: nerves exit the brachial plexus before it has reached the distal 'branches'.
Treatment for _______ relieves the symptom of sweaty palms by killing some of the sympathetic nerve fibers.
True or false: since nerves carry only one type of fiber (sensory or motor), cutting a nerve will only make a patient lose sensory perception or motor control, respectively.
True or False: ANS neurons must synapse in ganglia on the same level as the spinal nerve they are in.
This is a pathology where cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is not reabsorbed in the CNS, leading to excessive CSF accumulation.
All visceral reflex arcs are ____-synaptic.
In a somatic polysynaptic reflex arc, the ___________ connects the sensory afferent neuron to the motor efferent neuron.
Bowels can be more easily visualized on an X-ray using ________ as a contrast agent.
The more common name for the thoracolumbar branch of the ANS is the: _______ nervous system.
Between MRI and CT, ____ provides more contrast between tissues and structures.
Visualizing arteries or veins using an X-ray is done with ______.
_________ joints allow for the most movement and impact.
A patient has limited ANS innervation of a particular part of her gut. If her inferior esophagus were distended after a barium swallow, you would likely diagnose her as having:
A tumor grows to include the median nerve. The patient will likely lose the ability to _______ his thumb as a result.
The white rami of communicans represent the _________ neurons of sympathetic outflow.
Postganglionic neurons of the sympathetic nervous system release _________.
The brachial plexus begins proximally in roots that are continuations of ________ rami.
Tic doloreux is a painful disease of the face that is caused by a problem with ________ cells.
Long bones contain primarily _______ bone.
Flow, velocity, and direction of blood flow can be determined using the recently developed _______ ultrasound technique.
Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) stimulates the acitivity of osteo-______.
Intramural ganglia, those that lie very close to the target organ, are more characteristic of the ________ nervous system
The procedure in which a syringe is inserted between L4 and L5 in order to withdraw CSF from a patient is known as:
Dorsal and ventral roots will merge to form a __________ ________.
Ligaments link syndesmoses while _________ links symphyses.
___________ is a crucial component of cartilage, especially in weight-bearing joints.
_________ nerve damage causes someone to be unable to adduct their fingers.
The spinal cord has two enlargements outflow of nerves is increased; these are the cervical and ________ enlargements.

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