Properties of Quadrilaterals

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Can you name the quadrilateral each properties applies to?

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Diagonals are congruentnot a rectangle
Diagonals are congruentnot a trapezoid
Exactly one pairs of parallel sides
Diagonals are perpendicular to each other
Opposite sides congruent
All sides are congruentnot a square
Legs are congruent
All 6 properties of a parallelogramnot a rhombus
All 6 properties of a parallelogramnot a rectangle
Diagonals bisect opposite angles
Diagonals create two congruent triangles
4-sided figure
Consecutive angles are supplementary
All 11 properties of parallelogram, rectangle, and rhombus
Base angles are congruent
Both pairs of opposite sides parallel
Properties of all trapezoids
Diagonals bisect each other
Opposite angles are congruent
Has 4 right angles

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