Properties of Quadrilaterals

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Can you name the quadrilateral each properties applies to?

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Both pairs of opposite sides parallel
Diagonals are congruentnot a trapezoid
Base angles are congruent
All sides are congruentnot a square
All 6 properties of a parallelogramnot a rectangle
Consecutive angles are supplementary
Diagonals are perpendicular to each other
All 6 properties of a parallelogramnot a rhombus
Diagonals create two congruent triangles
Opposite sides congruent
Diagonals are congruentnot a rectangle
Legs are congruent
Properties of all trapezoids
Exactly one pairs of parallel sides
Diagonals bisect each other
Diagonals bisect opposite angles
Has 4 right angles
Opposite angles are congruent
All 11 properties of parallelogram, rectangle, and rhombus
4-sided figure

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