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Name Jupiters Largest Moon?1
Which is the Hottest planet in our Solar System?1
What is it called when DNA changes in any way?1
What Year was Albert Einstein born?1
What was the name and animal family of the first cloned animal?1
What percentage of the Earth is covered by Water?1
At 50 MPH - What does a car use 50% of its fuel consumption on?2
Where are a Butterflies taste buds?2
What is the smallest bone in the Human Body?2
Which 2 animals sleep standing up (mostly)?2
QuestionsYour AnswerDifficulty (1-3)
What is a Shape with 20 sides called?2
What is the tallest building in the world? (828 Metres!)2
What is the scientific study of sound called?2
What is the Boiling point of Liquid Nitrogen? (In Kelvin)3
What weight can a Human Hair support?3
What is a 3D parallelogram called?3
What is the worlds Largest Hydroelectric Power Station?3
How deep does Sunlight penetrate our oceans?3
How many times a day does the Human Heart beat on average?3

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