Formula 1 race winners

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Can you name the Formula 1 race winners by most wins?

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RaceDriverNumber of wins
Malaysian GP3
Canadian GP7
Bahrain GP3
German GP4
Mexican GP2
Italian GP5
San Marino GP7
Detroit GP3
Indianapolis 500 (as F1 championship event)2
United States GP West1
Pacific GP2
Swiss GP2
Belgian GP6
Spanish GP6
Moroccan GP1
Hungarian GP4
United States GP5
Brazilian GP6
South African GP3
Pescara GP1
RaceDriverNumber of wins
Argentine GP4
Swedish GP2
Austrian GP3
Abu Dhabi GP2
Monaco GP6
British GP5
Australian GP4
Japanese GP6
Dutch GP4
Singapore GP2
Dallas GP1
Luxembourg GP1
Turkish GP3
Korean GP2
Chinese GP2
Caesars Palace GP1
Portugese GP3
Indian GP2
European GP4
French GP8

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