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Planet with Most Moons
Innermost Dwarf Planet
Planet with Shortest Orbit
2nd largest moon of Jupiter
Largest Terrestial Planet
Largest moon of Saturn
Largest Moon
2nd largest moon of Saturn
Largest moon of Pluto
Hottest Planet (Mean Surface Temperature)
Largest moon of Uranus
Planet with Highest Albedo (Reflectivity)
Largest moon of Mars
2nd Largest Moon
Smallest Dwarf Planet
Planet with Longest Orbit
3rd Largest Moon
Object with Highest Albedo (Reflectivity)
Largest Object
2nd Largest moon of Uranus
Last Alphabetically Planet
2nd Largest Asteroid
Largest moon of Haumea
Outermost Dwarf Planet
Quick FactAnswer
Smallest Jovian Planet
First Alphabetically Planet
2nd Largest moon of Mars
Largest moon of Neptune
Planets with no Moons
Outermost Planet
Largest moon of Earth
Largest Planet
Dwarf Planet with most moons
Smallest Planet
Most Geologically Active Object
Innermost Planet
Planet with Shortest Days
Planet with largest rings
Planet with Longest Days
2nd Largest moon of Neptune
4th Largest Moon
Largest Dwarf Planet
2nd Largest Planet
Largest Asteroid
Largest moon of Jupiter
Planet of Highest Peak
Largest moon of Eris
Planet with Highest Wind Speed

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