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Eye, Leg, Arm, Hip, Lip
Albany, Olympia, Montpelier, Lansing
World War I, Gulf War, Crusades
Duke, Clemson, Terrapins, Hokies
Makemake, Eris, Ceres
Troposhphere, Stratosphere
San Jose, Fresno, Anaheim, Irvine
Nike, Safeway, Audi, Taco Bell
Touchdown, Safety, Field Goal
Manitoba, Alberta, Yukon, Quebec
Toy Story, The Incredibles, Up
Romeo and Juliet, Othello, King Lear
Because, These, It, Year
Peter Petrelli, Hiro Nakamura, Sylar
Grand Canyon, Aurora Borealis
Vixen, Dasher, Comet, Cupid

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