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Largest Military
3rd Largest Country (Land Area)
Most Beer Consumption
Smallest Country (Land Area)
Lowest Death Rate
Most Populous African Country
Least Fail-Prone (FSI)
Most Sparsely Populated
Most Roads
Most Populous European Country
Smallest Economy
Most Underweight Country
Highest Growth Rate
Highest Birth Rate
Least Developed (HDI)
Most Populous Island Nation
Highest Death Rate
Most Airports
Highest AIDS/HIV Rate
Richest Country per capita
Lowest Birth Rate
Largest Coffee Producer
Largest Country (Land Area)
Most Internet Users
Largest Coastline
Largest Oil Producer
Quick FactAnswer
Last Alphabetically
Most Cell Phone Users
Most Fail-Prone (FSI)
Most Populous Oceania Country
Least Populous Country
Largest Cocoa Producer
Most Developed (HDI)
Largest Negative Growth Rate
4th Largest Country (Land Area)
Largest Natural Gas Producer
Most Populous North American Country
First Alphabetically
3rd Most Populous Country
Most Populous Country
Largest Economy
Most Populous South American Country
Most Populous Asian Country
Most Overweight Country
Most Railways
Largest Wine Producer
4th Most Populous Country
Most In-Debt
2nd Most Populous Country
Newest Country
2nd Largest Country (Land Area)
Most Densely Populated

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