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January 7This communications company released its $1,499 video telephone.
February 1George Bush and Boris Yeltsin declare a formal end to this decades-long conflict.
February 8The 1992 Winter Olympics begin in this French town.
February 21The United States lifts trade sanctions against this country.
March 13An earthquake measured 6.8 on the Richter Scale kills over 500 people in this country.
March 30This film wins Best Picture at the Academy Awards.
April 6This 'I, Robot' author dies at age 72.
April 9This former president of Panama was convicted in the United States on drug charges.
April 11This Entertainment company opens up its European theme park in Paris.
April 23McDonald's opens its first restaurant in China in this city.
April 29The Los Angeles Race Riots begin after four police officers are acquitted of beating this man.
May 22Johnny Carson hosts this TV show for the last time.
June 3-14172 countries join this meeting in Rio de Janeiro to discuss environmental protection and development.
July 5He beats Goran Goran Ivanišević at the 106th Wimbledon.
July 25The 1992 Summer Olympics begin in this Spanish city.
August 12Republicans renominate George H. W. Bush and this running mate for the 1992 election.
August 22South Florida is hit by this hurricane.
October 12Guatemalan Rigoberta Menchú wins this award for her work in helping indiginous Americans.
November 3The Russian parliament approves this nuclear disarmament treaty.
November 3This Democratic Arkansas governor is elected President of the United States.
November 20This British building in Berkshire became ablaze.
November 24After over a century of military presence, US forces leave this country.
November 25The parliament of this country decides to split the nation into two.
December 17Canada, the United States, and Mexico sign this economic agreement.

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