London 2012: Most Medals Tournament (Bracket)

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Can you name the winner of the most 2012 London Olympic medals in this tournament-style bracket (see game note)?

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1A: Kazakhstan (KAZ) vs. Spain (ESP)
1B:Norway (NOR) vs. Ireland (IRL)
2A: Iran (IRI) vs. Mexico (MEX)
2B: Netherlands (NED) vs. Brazil (BRA)
3A: Great Britain (GBR) vs. Australia (AUS)
3B: Kenya (KEN) vs. Ethiopia (ETH)
4A: Kyrgyzstan (KGZ) vs. Tajikistan (TJK)
4B: Czech Republic (CZE) vs. Slovakis (SVK)
5A: Canada (CAN) vs. Cuba (CUB)
5B: Venezuela (VEN) vs. Colombia (COL)
6A: Taiwan (TPE) vs. Hong Kong (HKG)
6B: Latvia (LAT) vs. Lithuania (LTU)
7A: Greece (GRE) vs. Croatia (CRO)
7B: South Korea (KOR) vs. North Korea (PRK)
8A: Japan (JPN) vs. Germany (GER)
8B: Belgium (BEL) vs. Bulgaria (BUL)

Sr1: Winner 1A vs. Winner 1B
Sr2: Winner 2A vs. Winner 2B
Sr3: Winner 3A vs. Winner 3B
Sr4: Winner 4A vs. Winner 4B
Sr5: Winner 5A vs. Winner 5B
Sr6: Winner 6A vs. Winner 6B
Sr7: Winner 7A vs. Winner 7B
Sr8: Winner 8A vs. Winner 8B


Qf1: Winner Sr1 vs. Winner Sr2
Qf2: Winner Sr3 vs. Winner Sr4
Qf3: Winner Sr5 vs. Winner Sr6
Qf4: WinnerSr7 vs. Winner Sr8


Sf1: Winner Qf1 vs. Winner Qf2
Sf2: Winner Qf3 vs. Winner Qf4


Final Round: Winner Sf1 vs. Winner Sf2

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