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What is the actual name of the Human Slipspace engine?
Name of the planet where John is from?
Name of the Chief's squad during training?
Name of the Covenant Cruiser in Halo 1?
Name the members of the above mentioned squad?
theres only 3 
name the map to be featured in 3 of the 6 games?
How many rounds of ammo could the original Assault Rifle hold?
Name the song that showed up in both Halo 1 and Halo 3 as in-game music?
Name the secret song that shows up in most of the halo games?
Full name for the basic Human ground transport?
Where are the Flood from?
What is the radius the the Halo's weapon will reach to?
When was Harvest attacked?
How long did it take for the humans to take back Harvest?
What powers High Charity?
How did Avery Johnson make it off the first Halo?
Name the Orbital MAC Guns from Halo 2?
Where did Catherine Halsey ultimately end up at in the series?
books and games to get the awnser 
How many Halo novels are there currently?
as of 3/31/2011 
Where was the above questions awnser located?

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