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Can you name the current and former members of Akatsuki?

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Village of OriginMemberAkatsuki Ring and Position
AmegakureNo ring.
AmegakurePlacement: right thumb. 零 (rei, 'zero')
AmegakurePlacement: right middle finger. 白 (bya, 'white')
KonohagakurePlacement: left thumb. 玉 (gyoku, 'jewel,' 'ball,' also the black king in shogi)
KonohagakurePlacement: right ring finger. 朱 (shu, 'vermilion,' 'scarlet')
KirigakurePlacement: left ring finger. 南 (nan, 'south')
KonohagakurePlacement: left little finger. 空 (kū, 'sky,' 'void')
SunagakurePlacement: left thumb. 玉 (gyoku, 'jewel,' 'ball,' also the black king in shogi)
IwagakurePlacement: right index finger. 青 (Ao, shō, 'blue,' 'green')
TakigakurePlacement: left middle finger. 北 (hoku, 'north')
YugakurePlacement: left index finger. 三 (san, 'three')
UnknownPlacement: right little finger. 亥 (gai, 'sign of the boar')

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