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Can you name the types of hollows?

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#1)An earthbound spirit who is evolving into a Hollow.
#2)Formed when a Hollow begins eating other Hollows.
#3)The type of Hollow in #2. Large, slow, and the weakest of its catagory.
#4)The type of Hollow in #2. They have evolved and have their own powers and unique appearance.
#5)They've reached the higest level of evolution for the type of Hollow in #2. They are nearly the size of humans.
#6)A Hollow that has removed its mask.
#7)Aizen's top ranked members of his army. They are the type in #6.
#8)These members of Aizen's army have lost lost their rank and are assigned a three-digit number.
#9)Aizen's combat specialists. They are assigned a two-digit number.
#10)They are a subsection of the ones in #9 and directly serve those in #7.

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