Bleach-Arrancar Terms by Translation

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Japanese Word/Meaning:Word:Spanish For:
Arankaru/'Ripped Mask''To Tear Off'
Resurekushion/'Returning Blade''Resurrection'
Numerosu/'Number Holders''Numbers'
Esupāda/'Ten Blades''Sword'
Ekusekiasu/'Funerary Attacking Force''Funeral Rites'
Wekomundo/ 'Hollow Sphere''Hollow World'
Sero/'Empty Disaster' or 'Hollow Flash''Zero'
Japanese Word/Meaning:Word:Spanish For:
Bara/'Hollow Bullet''Bullet'
Garuganta/'Black Cavity''Throat'
Sonīdo/'Sound Ceremony''Sound'
Iero/'Steel Skin''Iron'
Pesukisa/'Probe Circuit''Inquiry'

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