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Can you name the minor characters from 24?

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Prime Minister of Sangala7
District supervisor of CTU: LA2-3
NSA Deputy Director (until dismissal)2
Donor who blackmails Pres. Palmer3
Behrooz Araz's girlfriend4
Reporter in an affair with Omar Hassan8
Secret Service agent killed by Martha Logan6
Youngest son of Sergei Bazhaev8
Reporter detained by Pres. Palmer2
Liason to CTU from Middle East2
CTU interrogator of Sarah Gavin3-4
Palmer aide stabbed Alexis Drazen1
Assassin hired by Ira Gaines1
President Palmer's press secretary2
British mercenary leader7
Secret Service agent working for Dubaku R, 7
Temporary director of CTU: LA1
Pres. Wayne Palmer's doctor6
Wife of Russian President Suvarov5-6
Shot down Air Force One4
Austrian associate of Michael Amador3
Andrew Paige's kidnapper4
In charge of nerve gas before Bierko5
CTU interrogator of Chris Henderson5-6
Sold suitcase nukes to Abu Fayed6
Renee Walker's killer8
Walt Cummings' mole in CTU5
Palmer's Homeland Security Secretary 3
Secretary of State (until resignation)7
Sen. Blaine Mayer's chief of staff7

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