Joseph Gibbons PS 2010

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Can you name the answers to these questions about Joseph Gibbons PS?

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What continent is it in?
What country is it in?
What province is it in?
What town/city is it in?
What street is it on?
What is its mascot?
What grade does it go up to?
What is another name for 'The Pit'?
What is one of the school colours?
Who teaches Kindergarten?
Who teaches Grade 1?
Who teaches Grade 2?
Who teaches Grade 3?
Who teaches Grade 3/4?
Who teaches Grade 5?
Who teaches Music/French?
Who is the librarian?
Who is the principal?
Who is the vice-principal?
Who is the secretary?
What is its 'Sister School'?
What is its school board?
Tribes Agreement #1
Tribes Agreement #2
Tribes Agreement #3
Tribes Agreement #4
What does D.E.A.L. mean?
What does D.E.A.R. mean?
What time does shool start?
What time does school end?

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