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Forced Order
IssueRule or Form
Allocation of Immigrant Visas
Good Moral Character
Adjustment of Status
Detention, Release, and Removal of Aliens Ordered Removed
Asylum Procedure
Bar on Removal of Aliens w/ Endangered Lives
Employment Based Visa Preferences
Immigration/Visa Petition for Alien Worker
Aliens Previously Removed
Family-Based Visa Preferences
Inspection of Other Aliens
Application for Naturalization
Excludable Aliens
Adjustment of Status of Refugees
Expedited Removal of Arriving Aliens
Mandatory Detention of Suspected Terrorists
Public Charge
Requirements for Sponsor's Affidavit of Support
Adjustment of Status of Nonimmigrant to Permant Resident
'Aggravated Felony' Defined
Penalties of Document Fraud
IssueRule or Form
Initiation of Removal Proceedings
Employment Non-Immigrant Categories
Notive to Appear
Aliens Imprisoned, Arrested or on Parole, Supervised Release, or Probation
Remove Proceedings
Judicial Review of Orders of Removal
Cancellation of Removal
Jus Soli and Jus Sanduinis
Revocation of Naturalization
Deportable Aliens
Labor Certification
Conditional Permanent Resident Status for Certain Alien Spouses and Sons and Daughters
Voluntary Departure
'Conviction' Defined
Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status
General Admission Categories
'Refugee' Defind
Oath of Renunciation and Allegiance
Application for Permanent Employment Certification
Illegal Entrants and Immigration Violators
Admissibility Definitions

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