Elemental Countries

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Can you name the Countries formed entirely by element symbols by their Molar Mass?

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Molar Mass (Rounded Whole)CountryElemental Breakdown
1034 g/mol-12 letters
805 g/mol-8 letters
735 g/mol-11 letters
638 g/mol-7 letters
624 g/mol-8 letters
596 g/mol-7 letters
595 g/mol-11 letters
550 g/mol-7 letters
543 g/mol-8 letters
512 g/mol-6 letters
507 g/mol-9 letters
479 g/mol-7 letters
468 g/mol-8 letters
465 g/mol-6 letters
456 g/mol-7 letters
Molar Mass (Rounded Whole)CountryElemental Breakdown
445 g/mol-6 letters
436 g/mol-4 letters
417 g/mol-7 letters
387 g/mol-4 letters
378 g/mol-5 letters
367 g/mol-4 letters
362 g/mol-5 letters
329 g/mol-4 letters
255 g/mol-5 letters
178 g/mol-6 letters
163 g/mol-5 letters
111 g/mol-5 letters
82 g/mol-5 letters
78 g/mol-5 letters

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